Trainers profiles

Trainers profiles

Theophile HATAGEKIMANA, born in 1979. He graduated from former National University of Rwanda (NUR) with a bachelor’s degree in politics and administrative sciences in 2007. He got an M.A in development studies in 2015 from HANKUK University for Foreign Studies (HUFS) of Seoul/South Korea.

In 2012 he attended the course of Cooperative management and development from Cooperative University College of Nairobi/Kenya and the Certificate is delivered. During 3 months of intense training following main courses were taught: Cooperative banking, cooperative law, project management, financial management, cooperative accounting and cooperative development.

Professional career in the field of cooperative and entrepreneurship started in Rwanda cooperative Agency working as a SACCO Promotion officer. He worked in capacity building of new born SACCO organs countrywide until end of 2013.

2015-2016 he worked in UNILAK as part-time lecturer in faculty of accounting and
cooperative management where he delivered courses related to cooperative
development and management.

From2015 up to now, he is working as private consultant in the area of cooperative,
entrepreneurship and business advisory. He works with different partners such as
AMIR, RICEM and RCA among others. Specifically he is currently working as
coordinator of Square entrepreneurship development consult Ltd (SEDC Ltd) in Eastern Province. The program supports community health workers cooperatives (CHWs). It is the program of ministry of Health to empower this category of health service providers, to ensure their cooperatives are well managed and generate income for their members for sustainability.