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My name is YANDAGIRIYE Pascal, I’m an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, responsible, team and hardworking, and adaptable to challenging situations with more than 10 years ‘experience of providing comprehensive high quality services
in trainings of trainers and other various management domains.

I have designed market strategies for the financial and nun-financial co-operatives and developed their business plans,operating manuals for SACCOS. I have coordinated programs and activities for the promotion of financial and nun-financial Co-operatives and Microfinances, actively participated in local, regional forums on co-operative development. I have trained materials, conducted meetings, site visits, given technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of members of the co-operatives organizations countrywide in Umurenge SACCOs Program. I have conducted audits in co-operatives and Microfinances to find out malpractices and took correctives measures for SACCOs and Microfinances Institutions.

Certified Trainer and skilled by CGAP &AMIR on Making Microfinance Work, Microfinance Business planning and Microfinance Institutions Management tools.
Certified Trainer and skilled by AMIR on Market Research for Microfinance Product
Development, Microfinance Institutions Accounting and MICROFIN.

Certified Trainer and skilled by CHF INTERNATIONAL Metrics and Clarity principles on good governance in co-operative organizations.

Certified and skilled by COOPERATIVE UNIVERSTY OF KENYA/NAIROBI on Co-operative legal environment, Accounting and project management, on cooperative development and management, on coaching and mentorships of cooperative organizations.

Certified and skilled by FRIENDS CONSULT Ltd. on Organization and management of co-operatives, on Accounting and Financial reporting, on Business Plan preparation and execution, on Financial Statements and budget preparation.
Certified and skilled by INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTER, LABOR ORGANIZATION (ITCILO) on Microfinance management ,on Markets and marketing, on Risk management in Co-operatives and Microfinances, on Efficiency and productivity of Co-operatives organizations.

Certified and skilled by RWANDA COOPERATIVE AGENCY (RCA) on Policies and laws implementation, principles of a co-operative governance, on successful Supervision of cooperatives and on internal controls system in co-operative Organizations, on Risk management of a co-operatives and Audit in Co-operative organizations.