Jean Claude Uwitonze


Email :
Phone: +250 788 216 507

Mr. Uwitonze is currently working as Programs Manager and Capacity Development Expert in Rwanda Institute of Cooperative, Entrepreneurship and Microfinance (RICEM). He also works as a part-time lecturer of business-oriented subjects at University.

Mr. Uwizonze’s academic background is in business studies whereby he is holding an A2 in Business Information, Technology and Management, BA-Accounting, MBA-Accounting and Finance. In addition to that, he is professionally certified in different areas of Microfinance and Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Uwitonze worked in different organizations (locally and international) whereby he worked in Savings Bank foundation for Internation Cooperation (currently called: German Sparkassenstiftung - DSIK) in direct partnership with the Association of Microfinance Institutions in Rwanda (AMIR) and Rwanda Institute of Cooperative, Entrepreneurship and Microfinance. He occupied 3 major positions namely Performance Monitoring and Inclusive Finance officer, Training Specialist and then Capacity Development Expert. With those 3 major positions, Mr. Uwitonze worked in various areas related to the capacity building of Microfinance, Cooperative and Entrepreneurship.

He also worked on two major projects namely Financial Education under the support of World Bank and Dual Apprenticeship System under support of DSIK.

Before joining DSIK, he worked in Bank of Kigali after working in Vision Finance Company (VFC) currently called Vision Fund Rwanda (VFR) whereby he worked in MIS and afterwards in the coordination of projects namely KIVA and World Vision Micro. Within those 2 projects he was coordinating all the project-related activities including submitting solid stories on beneficiaries’ lives before, during and after the usage of funds in their entrepreneurial activities directly to the donors/funders from USA. With that variety of experiences highlighted above, plus various professional trainings (local and international) he developed his professional career in Microfinance, Entrepreneurship and Project Management.