The microfinance sector has a crucial role to play in providing financial services. In recent years, the landscape of the microfinance market has changed dramatically. Some institutions have therefore become formalized financial institutions. And they have been forced to focus on improving efficiency by retaining clients and identifying new clients interested in the financial services offered.

Also many modern ways of offering services took places with technological
change. The Rwandan microfinance sector faces a number of challenges in its development including:

  • Insufficient skills in governance and management
  • low level of reporting procedure
  • poor internal capacities on risk management
  • non-repayment or long process to recover the loans
  • limited use of ICT
  • low transparency levels
  • poor commitment towards clients

Many of these challenges are being actively addressed by various actors in the microfinance sector to help strengthen the sector and improve the delivery of responsible microfinance in Rwanda.

For RICEM to be involved in the development of this sector, there are many numerous training offered through Microfinance modules:

Specific modules:

1. Effective Governance for MFIs
2. Effective Leadership for MFIs
3. Effective Management for MFIs
4. Strategic Management for MFIs
5. Risk Management for MFIs
6. Financial Performance Monitoring
7. Social Performance Management for MFIs
8. Financial Analysis and reporting
9. Effective Report writing and analysis
10. Loan Management
11. Delinquency Management
12. Marketing for MFIs
13. Assessing senior staff performance
14. Business plan for MFIs
15. Microfinance laws and regulations
16. Organizational Behavior
17. Stress and Time Management
18. Human Resource Management for MFIs

Cross-cutting modules:

19. Customer Care and Relationship Management
20. Effective Communication