Financial Analysis and Reporting

With the course of financial analysis and reporting, practitioners will create and use financial performance monitoring reports that have been developed using International Financial Reporting Standards to be able to assess with accuracy the performance of their institution, make decisions in regard to future directions,
inform board of directors and report to donors, investors and other interested parties.

The module of financial analysis and reporting focuses on the analysis of financial statements via the use of ratios, Break-Even analysis and preparation of reports taking into account the purpose of those reports.

Courses Objectives

 Enhance reporting system for your own MFIs, Cooperatives and SMEs  Become familiar with the concept of analysis/assessment of financial performance across key indicators  Improve knowledge of your own institution’s financial performance

Target Group

Supervisory committee, Accountants, Financial Managers, Internal auditors, Managers

Pre-requisite Knowlege

Already working in the respective sector and gained experience in the area of Accounting and Finance

Passing condition

Starting date

Detailed Fee

Registration 10,000 RWF and Tuition fee 100,000 RWF per head

Contact details

Mr. UWITONZE Jean Claude, Program Manager and Capacity Development Expert, Tel +250788216507, email:

Course Venue

KN 193 ST, Kabusunzu, Nyakabanda, Kigali, Rwanda