Internal Audit and Control

The need for Internal Audit and Control exists at any time auditors or other authorities monitor and assure that all their business assets have been properly secured and safeguarded from threats. They also verify that their business processes reflected their documents policies and procedures. MFIs, Cooperatives and SMEs are also among the organizations that need Internal Audit and Control.

The module of Internal Audit and Control herein focuses on Risk and Risk Management, fraud risk, conditions and motivations for fraud, overview of internal control systems, preventive controls – control environment, systems and procedures, detective control – monitoring and internal audit, fraud detection,

Courses Objectives

 Understand the context of risk and risk management particularly fraud risk  Discover the conditions leading to fraud  Identify the key elements of an internal control framework  Understand the preventive controls related to human resources, IT and MIS and business processes  Improve the effectiveness of monitoring and internal audit within the control environment for fraud risk and detection  Strengthen fraud risk management through appropriate investigation, response and corrective action

Target Group

Supervisory Committee, senior managers, internal auditors and legal and compliance officer

Pre-requisite Knowlege

Already working in the respective sector and gained experiences in Management, Accounting and Finance

Passing condition

Starting date

Detailed Fee

Registration 10,000 RWF and Tuition fee 100,000 RWF per head

Contact details

Mr. UWITONZE Jean Claude, Program Manager and Capacity Development Expert, Tel +250788216507, email:

Course Venue

KN 193 ST, Kabusunzu, Nyakabanda, Kigali, Rwanda