Loan Management

Loan is the major asset of Financial Institutions (80%) precisely MFIs, Banks, etc. Hence it has to be well managed.

The module of Loan Management focuses on the generalities about credit, credit and consumer protection principles, notion of delinquency, concepts of credit risk and its prevention, typology of borrowers and credits, loan cycle and its steps and finally, the performance of credit function,

Courses Objectives

 Understand the basic elements and concepts of credit  Understand the prevention of over-indebtedness, responsible pricing, transparency and respectful treatment of a client  Understand the notion of delinquency through its definition, concept and cost  Understand different types of credit risks and how to prevent them  Understand different types of borrowers and credits  Understand the loan cycle in its different steps  Understand the different criteria of loan performance, measurement and how to increase performance

Target Group

Credit Committee, senior managers, loan officers and recovery officers

Pre-requisite Knowlege

Already working in the respective sector and gained experiences related to credits.

Passing condition

Starting date

Detailed Fee

Registration 10,000 RWF and Tuition fee 100,000 RWF per head

Contact details

Mr. UWITONZE Jean Claude, Program Manager and Capacity Development Expert, Tel +250788216507, email:

Course Venue

KN 193 ST, Kabusunzu, Nyakabanda, Kigali, Rwanda