Mukamwezi Albertine
Written By Admin Published on September 1, 2022

Mrs. Albertine Mukamwezi is a professional consultant with 16 years working experience in maintaining effective working relationships with key stakeholders including entrepreneurs, farmer cooperatives, microfinance institutions, SACCOs, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), goverment actors and UN agencies.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Faculty of Social, Economics and Management Sciences from University Rwanda. And is about to complete her Master studies in Business Administration at Kigali Independent University (ULK).

Albertine Mukamwezi has extensive experience in designing trainings manual, but also conducting different types of professional trainings such as, Micro Business Simulation Game, Saving Game and Farmers Game. Furthermore, she provides training in entrepreneurship and micro, small and medium enterprises management, cooperative development, business plan development, financial management, financial literacy, solidarity group formation, village savings and loans associations methodology, leadership, customer care and coaching. She has been working with RICEM as a trainer of Business Development Advisors (BDAs), teachers and schools managers on Micro Business Simulation as well as on Saving Games.
Other focus areas of the trainings being conducted are to cooperative leaders on cooperative governance and conflict management or to solidarity groups on financial literacy and savings mobilization together with CORDAID and CNFA Hinga Weze.

Longstanding experience in training module design and development, e.g. for ‘Help A Child’ with 2 modules entitled ‘Generate Your Business Idea’ and ‘Start Your Business’, for ICCO Cooperation/CORDAID on project of Farm to Market Alliance of World Food Program, with training manual on entrepreuneurship, solidarity groups, financial literacy and financial management, for Society Family Health (SFH) in designing the training manual of entrepreneurship and business skills and training of the managers of heath pots.

Apart from her training background, Mrs. Mukamwezi is very much experienced in coordinating activities, linking entrepreneurs with financial institutions, coordinating field surveys/assessments and livelihood programs management and coaching the entrepreneurs. Consulting activities have been carried out for example within the Gender Action Research project in partnership between Land O’Lakes/Venture37 in Rwanda and Picture Impact (US-based).

Albertine Mukamwezi is strong in implementation of activities as well as reporting systems, and preparation of concept notes for different grant requests. Through her result-oriented working style, she can demonstrate a distinct problem-solving capacity. And through her outstanding communication skills, she is an excellent trainer, a recognized influencer and a confident public speaker.