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Written By Admin Published on September 1, 2022

Mr. Robert UWAYO holds a Master’s Degree in Arts of Microfinance in Microfinance Management from INES Ruhengeri and Bachelor’s degree in Management from ULK. He has also acquired financial institution management skills and knowledge from the different short- & long-term training and workshops attended and completed. Mr. Uwayo received a certificate of merit in ‘budgeting and control’ in collaboration with KCB BANK Rwanda. At the same time he certified by Rwanda Institute of Microfinance, Cooperative and Entrepreneurship (RICEM) as a trainer in ‘governance’ and ‘loan management’ in MFI/Sacco.

Robert Uwayo is currently working with MFI with over 10 years-experience in senior management position as the Managing Director of Cooperative of Saving and Credit (IGIHONDOHONDO SACCO) and he had many opportunities to work with the main stakeholder of the microfinance sector, such as AMIR, RICEM, BDF and DSIK (German Sparkassenstiftung).
He is a professional with microfinance issues, opportunities and stakeholders that will enable to discuss and to manage their resources. He has profound knowledge of the Rwandan microfinance industry, since he was one of the main trainers, who facilitated training of elected organs and staff of SACCOs/MFIs in different Districts.
He attended training for women (TINYUKA’WIGIRE MUNYARWANDAKAZI) from different district that was organized by DSIK with an objective of theoretical and practical learning in managing their lending operations efficiently and professionally with minimum financial risks, increasing membership, improving reputation of SACCOs in local community, professionalization of new products and services for members by empowering women.

Mr. Uwayo received the professional ‘training of trainers’ (ToT) in virtual classroom upgrade training for Micro Business Simulation Games (RICEM-DSIK) and by the fact he conducted those Micro Business Simulation Games for Musanze District. He is part of the RICEM expert team, which develops the curriculum of professional training program (Certified Microfinance Practitioner) and contributed to the development of the assessment guidelines for this program. He is a regular attendant of national and international conferences with microfinance themes, like the one for Responsible and Inclusive Finance (ICRIF), to stay up to date on trends and developments of the sector.

Mr. Uwayo is for many years a well-recognized trainer for ‘loan management’ in Dual Apprenticeship system, a joint project implemented by RICEM with the support of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and DSIK.