Written By Admin Published on October 18, 2023

In a commendable effort to address the growing challenges of employable skills and youth unemployment, Cordaid collaborated with the Rwanda Institute of Cooperatives, Entrepreneurship, and Microfinance (RICEM) to provide a valuable training from 19th to 20th April, 2023. This training was designed to empower 30 Business Development Advisors (BDAs) from districts hosting refugees in Rwanda, including Gisagara, Karongi, Kirehe, Nyagatare, and Nyamagabe. It also introduced them to the Socio-Economic Inclusion of Refugees and Host Communities in Rwanda Project, known as the "Jya Mbere" project.

The training paid special attention to enhancing the participants’ knowledge and skills, enabling them to create professional business plans, understand the loan application process, and get familiar with the services offered by BDAs. Participants also gained insights into the Jya Mbere project, matching grants, and the rights of refugees to work.

In summary, the training was a resounding success. The two days were marked by active participation, curiosity, and a strong commitment from the participants. Their enthusiasm to apply their newfound knowledge and share it with fellow BDAs promises a positive impact on local entrepreneurs and the communities they serve. The participants’ expectations were almost entirely met, with a 99% satisfaction rate, ensuring that they are well prepared to excel as BDAs and deliver quality services to local entrepreneurs.