The state of entrepreneurship in Rwanda has been improving, most notably in recent years. Starting early on in the reform campaign, Rwanda has implemented many business regulation reforms. These have transformed the life of the private sector and made it noticeably easier to do business and promote entrepreneurship sector.

Nevertheless, entrepreneurs still face several challenges to turn their ideas into sustainable high-growth businesses that would propel Rwanda toward its vision for growth such as :

• Need of augmenting supply of competent and competitive entrepreneurs
• Poor business performance due to limited practical exposure
• Access to finance
• Lack of business development services
• Lack of the ability to gather and process market information to their current business, due to poor technical knowledge and training on how to make use of this information

The Government of Rwanda with the intention of building a critical mass of young Rwandan entrepreneurs who in turn will become job provides instead of job seekers, Rwanda is providing necessary training about entrepreneurship, and ’provide existing and potential entrepreneurs with the right skills and knowledge to become competitive players in the local or global market’. Entrepreneurs are envisaged as ’problem solvers’, ’innovators’, ’risk takers’ – people with a different perspective towards social and economic solutions. It is in that context that the government of India in partnership with the government of Rwanda through RICEM, the following programs have to be offered :

• Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP)
• Performance Improvement Program (PIP)
• Growth Program (GP)
• Cluster Development Program (CDP)

From all the mentioned challenges, RICEM focused on providing training of entrepreneurs through modules on entrepreneurship sector to facilitate and create an enabling environment for the success of entrepreneurship in Rwanda and in the Region. Those modules are highlighted below :

Specific Entrepreneurship modules :

• Entrepreneurship Readiness
• Business Planning
• Business Marketing
• Business Operations – Advanced
• Business Finance – Advanced
• Monitoring and Evaluation – Advanced
• Business Planning – Advanced

Cross-cutting modules :
• Psychometric Test
• Local Taxation
• Business Model Canvas
• Individual Coaching for Entrepreneurs
• Savings Simulation
• Microbusiness Simulation
• Farmers Simulation

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RICEM aims to professionalize the actors of the economic sectors cooperatives, SMEs and MFIs through training courses to make them experts in their job.

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