RICEM accommodations for our participants are directly on the site. They are located in the middle of a beautiful garden with short distances to the training rooms and the restaurant. 33 rooms with flexible occupancy of 1-4 persons allow accommodation of up to 129 persons.

Accommodation for training participants is included in the registration fee. But also individuals or groups can rent the rooms for meetings, conferences or weddings.

We provide single beds in shared rooms, but also rooms that are for your private use, e.g. the bridal room for the wedding. The prices depend on the your choice of the room.
For more information (e.g. prices) call : 0783 551 066


RICEM aims to professionalize the actors of the economic sectors cooperatives, SMEs and MFIs through training courses to make them experts in their job.

Contact Address

  • +(250) 783 551 066
  • KN 193 ST, Kabusunzu, Nyakabanda, Kigali, Rwanda