Product Development

The course of Product Development is anchored on understanding client needs to build competitive advantage. More specifically the course will help participants to describe the process of innovation financial product development, explore opportunities for product innovation by applying various current market research techniques, design and pilot test product prototypes and finally costing and pricing new products.

Courses Objectives

 Describe the process of product development  Assess institutional capacity for product development  Apply various client-oriented market research techniques  Interpret research results to design product prototypes  Cost and price new products  Pilot test products

Target Group

Marketing and Product development officers, Managers, Customer care officers/Managers and loan officers

Pre-requisite Knowlege

Already working in the respective sector and gained some experiences in dealing with clients.

Passing condition

Starting date

Detailed Fee

Registration 10,000 RWF and Tuition fee 100,000 RWF per head

Contact details

Mr. UWITONZE Jean Claude, Program Manager and Capacity Development Expert, Tel +250788216507, email:

Course Venue

KN 193 ST, Kabusunzu, Nyakabanda, Kigali, Rwanda